Heating and Plumbing Services

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Two of the biggest and most costly causes of workplace disruption are heating and plumbing problems. Barker & Evans’ heating and plumbing services are fully certified and accredited, providing you with reliable commercial heating systems maintained by a company which responds quickly to keep your business running in an emergency.

Call us on 01295 251683 today to discuss your heating and plumbing requirements or email our heating and plumbing services department.

Boiler Installation

Barker & Evans will assess the specific needs of your business and provide the perfect commercial boiler system. Expert boiler installation services ensure you have a system which is cost-effective, reliable and long-lasting, and installed with a minimum of disruption to your business.

Boiler Maintenance

Experienced boiler maintenance services are vital to keep your heating system efficient and breakdown-free. Barker & Evans’ boiler servicing plans will save you time and money by fixing problems before they escalate, ensuring maximum boiler efficiency.

Plumbing Services

Barker & Evans’ commercial plumbing services will keep your business up and running in any emergency. As a Barker & Evans’ client, you will have peace of mind knowing a 24/7 contractual service is available to keep your organisation in safe hands.

Plumbing Installations

New bathrooms, toilets or kitchen installation needed? No problem! With a team of skilled plumbers on hand, all your new plumbing installations can also be handled swiftly and with a minimum of disruption.

Renewable Energy Heating

Promote your company’s green credentials by using Barker & Evans’ commercial heating services. An environmentally responsible boiler installation and maintenance will reduce your carbon footprint and cut your bills. Barker & Evans specialises in the installation and maintenance of ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and solar panels, providing you with complete flexibility of choice over your renewable energy heating needs.


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